I am in the field of desktop support

In a system with configuration Core 2 duo 2.2 Ghz, 1GB Ram, 160 GB Hdd, Lg DVD Writer Model GSA-H55N. In the drive the Video files with extension *.vob plays normally by right clicking the drive and selecting "play with power DVD". But when opening the drive by right clicking and selecting individual files by right clicking and play it, the sound is not at all proper. I have tried with different players, I have also changed the data cable of the DVD writer. Please Help me

this may not be of much help,but if that drive came without a box etc...you know as with bulk shipments...Its probable its a problem wiv da drive,cuz i had one of those bulk drives(an optiarc) and omg it was such a piece of s***

Thanks for that reply, but due to some reasons i formatted the operating system and now the sound can be heared clearly. I think this is the solution

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