I bought my hp pavilion slimline s5000 series model s5713w 3 or 4 years ago worked good until I moved to my new home. It was never dropped or banged into anything during the move though it was in storage for a couple of weeks. When I hooked everything back up it said no signal and goes to sleep I've dusted inside and pulled the battery and cleaned it, I've gotten a cable with the same result "no signal " what should I do to fix it?!

It sounds like the video sub-system has failed. You may want to take or send it in for diagnosis and/or repairs. It may simply be a broken solder joint on the video connector which would be easy to fix. Without the unit in hand, I can't say much more than that.

Four years is just on the cusp of the lifespan for a Laptop of that period, and around the tail end of when they didn't do such a good job on the cooling for the video chipset.

When electronic equipment has been stored in cold conditions for a long time it is always best not to use them until they have warmed up to room temperature. A sudden change in temperature can pop solder in areas where there will be quick temperature increase.

But, it has been sat idle for a long time too, possibly in cold conditions? Can you leave it on for about an hour while connected to the mains? I don't think this will make any difference really, but we don't want to give up hope too quickly, do we?

A lot of these "end-of-life" issues are caused by bad capacitors. If you want to keep the system, take it to a reputable repair shop, or send it in to HP or an HP repair depot to fix. You should be able to find how to do that on the HP web site.

Well, it worked before the move and it is not a cable issue. But definately a signaling issue. Your monitor is going to sleep - not the PC. Can you hear the fan running? Suggestions: Check VGA connector for bent bins, DVI and HDMI are more difficult to foul-up. Be sure to select the correct input from the monitor setup, especially DELL monitors. This is a self repairable issue and can be fixed by trying different connection cable types.
Tech6916 (RoyDrive)