Just add in a new HD in PC. BIOS can detect the 2nd HD or slave but Window can't? Open Window Disk Management only see Disk 0 but can't see Disk 1.
New HD Pin jumper set to SL(slave).
Any good advice.

Futher detail

When startup can detect the 2n HD. But after few min it show Pri Slave HDD Error Press F1 to resume. Check the jumper and IDE connector is correct.

Do as it says: Check the jumper settings. The settings are indicated on the drive itself. I know ppl who inadvertently set both devices as master/slave. Also, check for loose connections on the drives and the motherboard.

Jumper is on right pin. 1st HD set to Master(MS) 2nd HD Slave(SV). Ribbon is also correct, the end is Master and the middle is Slave. In BIOS both HD can be detected but in the Window Disk Management only can detect one disk only that was Disk 0.
But in the BIOS 2nd HD(Slave), set to Auto can detect the HD but the cannot see any cylinder, sector and head, so total memory is 0.
What wrong ?
Thanks for the reply

Could be a bad HD as it can't see the cylinder, head and sector. Try configuring these parameters manually and see if that helps. Next, disconnect the old (working) HD and only connect the new one. See if the CHS parameters are bow detected. If they are, you have a bad data cable. Also, check the new HD on another computer. If it doesn't work there, the HD is bad.

When you connect the HD, can you feel a very slight vibration and hear the disk spinning (you need to listen very closely for this)?