Anyone familiar with how to add a Galaxy S5 & S6 running Android Lollipop (5.x) to Chrome Web Device List; from what I know JSon is involved but I'm not familar with JSon, I hope I can get some help ?

You need to sign in with Chrome using the Device; I don't have access to the Device ?

That's a stumper. I see no document telling us what to manually add here. Even if we did add it, the content we see in that tab won't update because the device is not signed in. I'm intrigued. Why do this if it won't send us the usual data as we see in the link I gave?

Why do this if it won't send us the usual data as we see in the link I gave?

I don't understand your question, is it a general question or directed towards me ?

Maybe there is someone here who could connect to Chrome using the device which would maybe, create a Json file that one or I could use ?

@Siberian, yes that was directed at you. Even if you added the device there would be nothing from the device in the screens I see here. It's not as if you will see the tabs and actions on the device by adding this to your Chrome.

It sounds as if you're saying; if I add the two devices it wouldn't emulate the Galaxy S5 & S6 ?

@Siberian. I added that first link in my first reply so I would know if we were on the same page. The Chrome Devices list is not about emulation in that link but about syncing.

Now that you wrote emulation, well that's a horse of a different color. I'm guessing you are looking at the Emulation tab and the devices there now.

Will Samsung's own simulator do here?

The Chrome Devices list, does emulate, as is works with Chrome Dev Tools. Samsungs own simulator doesn't allow me to select html elements; why I was hoping I could add those two Samsung devices to Chrome Dev list.

Did try that "Responsive Web Design Tester" which has presets for that S6? Maybe it on the sly install those models for you.

Finally, did you get to the samsung developer's site and ask for this there?

The Samsung developer site sorta has tumbleweed blowing though it, you know what I mean !

Though all this, wouldn't it be easier to somehow as my original question get the device list info and feed that into Chrome and it shows up in Chrome device list as the other devices; rather then download all these tools ? It's only two devices, possible their screen dimentions are almost, if I'm correct, identical. Therefore I may only need one of the two devices for Chrome.

@Siberian. My mistake here was that I thought you were asking about the device list you see in my first link. Once you added a word about emulation, my answer was invalid. At the office we obtain the devices as needed for testing. But that work was a few years back so I don't have access to the units for now. Good hunting.