My computer will get a blue screen at start up and say I have hardware/software problems or errors and most of the time will not restart and go back to normal! My cousin and I pulled the ram out and flipped into different banks i am using 2 1gb ram sticks and taking one out the computer doesnt crash near as much but with 2 gets the blue screen everytime, he was thinking it was the motherboard but not sure. Any help here anyone had this problem or a similar one???

what are the specs for your ram? are they set up properly in the bios? for a time i was using an abit mobo and vista wouldn't boot unless i set the ram voltages to 1.9. now i'm using an asus board and i can leave everything in auto (1.8v).

i purchased the computer through cyberpower the ram is corsair 800mgz two 1024mb sticks, mother board is a gigabit. i have been running this one stick of ram for a couple days and it hasnt crashed yet it wont start up if i stick the 2nd one in, i had this other stick of ram in by itself for a couple days or so and it started crashing so i switched the ram into the same bank and its been ok!

you need to contact cyberpower about RMAing that ram