For years I've seen the industry trend more and more to where you can only fix something by replacing it. Now it is expensive to have a good tech to do work so this bill may further impede those that offer repair services.

I'll pause here and offer a video on this. Links there as well.

Tell me what you think about this bill. Better yet, tell your congress representatives.

This entire situation has gone way out-of-hand. Fix your iPhone with non-apple parts? Oops - it's now a brick. Fix your car or have it fixed at an independent shop? Sorry, but our (the car company's) gear and software are proprietary. Only the official factory dealership can do that! What dren! What if it (what/which ever 'it' is) breaks when I am out of the country, or somewhere that an "official" dealship or repair facility is not available? If it keeps on like this, even bicycles will have proprietary nuts and bolts!

Thanks rubberman. My past includes owning and running sales and repair shops (pre-PC and PC days) so to me this caught my attention.

There's another angle to this as well as that's the "right to tinker or modify." Routers just recently got locked down and that's bad news too.