I have been downloading old kid's readio stories and trying to burn them onto mp3 CDs for my daughter. The problem is that when she plays the CDs on the mp3 CD player in her room the tracks are not in order. I have edited the meta-data and labeld every track with the same artist and album as well as made sure that the CD # of # fields were populated. Any ideas on what could be causing this and or how I might be able to fix the problem?

I've read this complaint before and many MP3 CD players have no clue on order by tag or meta data.

The most common fix is to prefix 01 to 99 in front of each file name.

I figured it out, the CD player was alphabetically using the file names, how inefficient for an mp3 CD player! All the meta tag editing for nothing and how I have to rename all the files before buring an mp3 CD.