Hello, I was playing a game on my PC (NFS Most wanted) when I heard a fan starting up noisily. All of a sudden the system tripped off. When I tried restarting it, only the light on the CD-ROM was blinking, even the power button light did not light up. The CD-ROM opens and closes when I press the CD-ROM button but the system does not come on and the monitor remains black. Please help!
I use an Acer desktop computer (don't know the model)


Did you inspect the insides for all the fans coming on at power up?

Did you get out a Volt meter (remember this is a basic item when you repair computers and more) to measure each power supply leg?
What were the readings?

Also, why not find out what PC model this is? It's going to matter soon enough.

The fan in the power pack works as soon as I plug it in but there is a huge black fan attached to the board that does not spin at all. There is no sound at all from the computer, no beeps, nothing. The only way you would know that it is on is the fan in the power pack and the light on the CD-ROM that blinks about 3 times. Also I felt a tiny electric shock when I touched the back of the system to remove the side to slide it open so i can see the inside.

Please where do I check to see the model of the computer system?

Sadly if the PC is void of make and model you likely have some clone. Something made of parts from many vendors.

So it's time to get out the Volt meter and measure each leg of the PSU. Remember I take it you are into PC repairs and would have the required gear and would know how to measure said voltages as well as use Google to see where to measure.

From the story the power supply looks dead. The CD-ROM is not a test of the PSU you can use as it won't tell you if all the PSU legs are good.
Also, I haven't seen a CDROM drive in about 2 decades. All seem to be DVDRW and a few BDRWs.

So sorry for my late response, I finally got the model it's an Acer Veriton M265. The problem was a bad psu leg. I got it fixed by a computer technician at work my thanks so much for the support and the love, I definitely would pay it forward. God bless you all.

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