Hi everyone,

I appreciate this may not be the best forum for such a question however this is by far my favourite forum as everyone is so friendly and helpful thus i do not want to go anywhere else, but let's get to the point.

I am currently looking to build a brand spanking new computer with top of the line components for bragging rights and obviously performance in gaming and light media creation such as live streaming and HD video rendering. However i am also off to uni in september, hopefully, to study Computer Science and where as i am not entirely sure how intensive the course will be on my machine, I know i don't want to be studying such a course with a bad machine.

I am looking for advice on what components to use within the machine as well as what periphals to get as i would like to upgrade my entire system, this include the computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard and speakers. I would also like to challenge those willing to build an entire system on uk.pcpartpicker.com so i can get some real inspiration and ideas, this would be a serious help.

I currently have an upgrade in mind here but if you have any changes you think i should make, any improvements or any budget saving advice please feel free to share them, seriously any advice will be very appreciated.

To summarise the main points i am looking for are:

  • Performance
  • Looks (Case, LED's, RGB, etc)
  • Periphals for gaming
  • Okay productivity
  • Futureproof
  • Performance for money over out right performance

    Thank you in advanced!

Anyone looking for futureproof need only to look to the past. If you think you can build a futureproof PC then I have bridges for sale.

-> READ https://www.reddit.com/r/PCMasterRace/wiki/builds

Looks? After a while you learn that it's not an area to pay for. Save your bucks for SSD or larger SSDs and step up the GPU.

My favorites are in that link which I would modify to have SSD only and maybe steps up in the GPU.

Thank you for replying.

Don't worry, i have been building PCs for 3 years so i know the game haha. I only mentioned futureproofing so people would know im looking for the top line products and what will still be good in a year / 2 years, rather than what's good now.

I believe looks are a personal preference, some may deem it worth the price and others think it's rediculous. Looks aren't a major priority however some leds and a tempered glass side panel would be nice. But i see where you're coming from.

My main trouble currently is the i5 vs i7, as this will be mostly a gaming rig so im obviously thinking i5 however i have experience with 3D modelling and may want to continue this thus i am contemplating the i7. What is your opinion on this?

The i5/i7 angle is almost moot for gaming. The link never has i7's but you can put the money there. That said, I moved to the i7 for many other reasons. Games are hit and miss as to whether it matters.

Try one of the builds there, change to i7, use nothing but SSD and move up the GPU as budget allows. That's my take on gaming PCs today.

That's an interesting view point, thank you for your advice

After years of not upgrading my goal is 10 or 18 - core system :)