I recently built my computer and everything was running fine the first night im actually using it right now to wright this,but im on my onboard video. i installed quake 4 and still everything was fine my gpu took it fine. So the next day i went out and bought battlefield 2 and installed it and when i tried playing it everything started to get distorted and so i took it out. Now ever since then my graphics card has not been working right please help ill list everything i think is needed. Oh yeah i have downloaded the newest bios for my computer and i have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the card, but it runs slightly better without the drivers. I am also using the newest driver.
My problem i am getting distorted images and pixelation. My computer runs extremely slow when plugged into it. My monitor blinks when plugged into it. I have all power supply plugs into it so its getting enough power.

my specs
GeForce 7800 GT OC
450W ps(only 400W is needed)
Mobo:Intel D945GNT
Chipset:Intel 945G express chipset
Processor: Intel pentium 4 630 3Ghz
Ram: 2GB
Bios Ver.:NT94510J.86A.3943.2006.0707.1405
last Driver used Ver. 91.31
OS windows XP

Please help thanks a lot much appreciated

I would try to test the video card in another system and/or test the PCI-X slot with another known good video card to start with.

well i called the support and they said i needed to get a new power supply with more amperage on a 12V line so i went and bought it and still nothing i think its dead im gonna call them and get a new one

baaaaaaaaaaadddddd phone support going on 15 min