I got new speakers a couple weeks ago, and they have a small remote with two plugs for headphones and a microphone. The headphone plug works, but the mic one doesn't. Now, the mic plugs on my tower don't work either and I dont know what to do. Anyone know how to fix this?

The speakers work fine, and I can listen to music or hear if someone talks to me with their mic, but my mic wont work. It's not my microphone because I've tried using another and it doesn't work, either.

What type of speaker system is it?
Did you plug in the microphone cord on the speaker set into the microphone plug on your soundcard?
If you have a microphone plug on your case somewhere, have you tried that one?
Have you unmuted and raised the volume in the Volume Control?

They're 2.1 I-Trigue 3400 from Creative. The way it's put together is the two speakers plug into the back of the subwoofer, the subwoofer plugs into the outlet for power, there's the green plug that connects to the back of my tower in the speaker plug then there's another plug with the remote-ish thing that has the speaker volume, bass volume and two plugs for the microphone and headphones. I'm almost positive everything's set up the way it all should be and it still doesn't work. I've tried changing the volume and checking drivers. Nothing seems to work, though...

I'm not sure if it's the speakers that caused this or not, but now the mic ports that are on my tower don't work either. There's one in front and one in back, neither work.

As for setting up your speaker system, did you connect the mic port on the speakers to the mic port on the sound card?

What kind of soundcard are you using?
What does the microphone plug on the tower connect to inside the system?

I don't know what kind of soundcard I have. The remote-ish thing has a cord with two ends. One says "aux in" and one says "volume control." They're both plugged in where they're supposed to be plugged in.

I don't think the problem is how the speakers are set up because even when I don't use any speakers at all, they still don't work. The mic ports on my tower should still work, but they dont. I think setting up the speakers maybe messed something up in the computer that now it doesn't recognize the microphone. I don't know how to fix that, though.

Okay...So You guys are all WELL VERSED IN OUR MANY problems when it comes to microphones NOT WORKING properly.

Here is my scenario:

I recently (Today) went out and purchased a new Mic because I thought that my old one (BRAND NEW) was not working. EACH MIC HAS TWO LEADS: Red and Black.

Sound card is a: SB Live 24 Bit (Three jacks; green, black, and red) CREATIVE (HATE THEM) Drivers. I really do think that it has something to do with the fact that "Creative" is embedded within the device.

My Speakers are normally plugged into the GREEN jack and of course, everything runs perfect. I DO PLAY an online game (Battlefield 2) which is notorious for finding hardware vulnerabilities and all of your hardware errors. I have been playing BF2 for nearly three years and using the IN-GAME "Battle Como" just fine. One day it just stopped.

I have done all the TESTING, Clicking boxes, and adjusting different volume levers that you guys have listed above this post: MY COMP STILL DOES NOT PICK UP ANY MIC SOUND.

I plugged in the MIC that I purchased today and still no recording volume within the "TEST HARDWARE" section. Sound in BOTH my mics/headsets are working just fine.

I have toggled the "MIC BOOST" feature many times in many different variations and different combos with no luck.

I WILL BE USING THE MICS for BF2! The device I am using for sound and recording sound, is the SB Live 24 bit. Could this be causing a conflict within the device???

Win XP; Service Pack 2 (try to upgarde to three but my comp says that I need a disc)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
4 GB RAM (Two for applications, two for PHYSICAL Memory)
TWO GeForce 8500 GT Cards

PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks in advance,