Stuck on screen- processor type: intel(r) core (Tm) i5-2320 cpu @ 3.00ghz Processor speed: 3000mhz L1/L2/L3 cache size: 64 kbx4 / 256kbx4 / 6144kb Memory size: 8192 mb DDR3/ 1333 MHz / single channel Channel A: XMM1 0 MB Channel B: XMM2 8192 MB Bios Revision/Date: v8.13 01/11/2013 Time and date not set. And in bottom left corner highlighted blue F1 : Boot. Now my keyboard Num Lock light is lit but no buttons work on keyboard where can I go or do to get beyond this?

That's a desktop so options are plentiful. Google "The Dead PC" to see how we reduce the parts inside to as few as possible.

Mind you that I am running into folk that don't want to troubleshoot but exclaim "just tell me how to fix it." For those folk you send them to the service counters in the world. If you want to try your first PC repair then it's the usual. Remove parts that aren't needed like all USB connections and try again.

Later if need be you try without drives or extra video cards.