I want to buy a new graphic card GTX 1060 6gb which is directx 12 and my motherboard supports up to directx 11.

I would like to know if i can used the directx 12 GPU on my directx 11 motherboard

That's not how it works. The OS and the GPU sets the maximum version of DirectX. To prove this I wrote about some old iron from 2009 which was a HP D4999T running W10 Pro. It runs the current latest DirectX yet the old spec sheet for the machine from memory writes about DX9.

With the new 1050 Ti and next the GTX 1060, the DX version on this machine is now DirectX 12.


@rproffitt, so i take it as a positive reply then.. i can go ahead on getting a directx 12 GPU?

Write a motherboard model to get the exact answer.