Hey i'm looking for a laptop for my daily work which specifically includes surfing the internet, streaming videos and movies, and a bit of word processing. What components should the laptop have so that it lasts for 5 years without any upgardes. I don't have any specific budget but confused about the specifications. I went through a guide https://laptopdiscovery.com/everyday-laptops/
But could not choose the right combination of features for myself. Any help is appreciated.

If that site is that bad, then maybe you should look at what others have and consider buying one that you like.

Also, disregarding items that wear out like the battery, all the office laptops reach 5 years or until they are dropped, stolen or run over by a forklift.

Here's what I'm using for almost everything today.

  1. Laptop. 17 inch (desktop use) Acer Predator with the usual i7 16GB RAM, 1060 GPU, SSD storage.
  2. Smart Phone. Moto G 5th Gen 32GB model with an additional 128GB memory card.

These are not that pricey and do pretty much everything I ever need.

Choosing Acer Predator for tasks like streaming movies and processing document seems to be an expensive option. I don't want to do gaming on the laptop. BTW, thank you for the suggestion. What do you think about the "ASUS VivoBook F510UA" ?

@heyanil673, I use mine for more than streaming movies. But I can't say I've watched a movie on it as that is what the Amazon Fire TV by Toshiba is for.

Here's a thing. This pretty high end machine was 1,200USD. So with machines packed in the 500 to 1,200USD price range (new) I can't write it's overpaying.

As to the VivoBook line I like them as the displays on the ones I've seen would be fantastic for movies and more.

I know folk don't want to pick out a specific model from the ASUS VivoBook F510UA lineup but here's the first one I see at notebookcheck.

The outdoors display shot was much better than I expected. Over the years my view on outdoor use is, yah, sure, you betcha.

I do not recommend considering Asus, over the past few years, the build quality has noticeably worsened. It is better to look towards Lenovo and Dell.

commented: Many Lenovo LCDs can flicker due to PWM and many Dell's Inspirons have lackluster LCDs. No company is perfect. +15
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