After months of waiting, I am ready to invest in a gaming laptop with all the features included. Looking for something with great graphics and performance, possibly 16GB Ram.

My budget is under $2000 and brand is not a priority.

I'll start at

The razer is not on my list due to heating issues. Yes, you can put it on a cooling pad but my son has one and is not happy about it.
The ROG, Acer are units we either have or seen. Would buy again. Currently on an Acer Predator w/i7 1060 GPU, etc. Very nice, was just at 1,100USD.

Lenovo isn't one I would consider as my y510p showed flickering on some colors due to PWM displays.
The Digital Storm has never been seen here. Pass just because you don't want be be beta testing.

The Dell is for cheap play, and HP burned me on a laptop under warranty so this shouldn't be on the list.

-> My Acer gets a lot of typing and the keytops show no wear at 10 months. My Asus ROG has a spare keyboard when I move it out since I wore down the keys in just 18 months.

Hello everyone
I promote my FB account to advertise my site. Now I’m choosing a laptop. I want to buy the best Laptops for Video Editing. I read on the Internet that ASUS VivoBook Pro is quite good. But it’s really expensive. I also like that it’s thin. What do u think?

Maybe OMEN by HP 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop? It is cheaper and has good technical characteristics.

commented: Video editing then a link about Chromebooks. That's spam to me. -3