I have a Dell Inspiron 7000 series laptop. When the battery is low and as soon as i plug it into charging the laptop starts the shutdown process. The laptop is almost 3.5 years old and never had any problem. Never even formatted it. What should i do to solve this issue?

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Can you reboot it after the shutdown while it is plugged in?

Can you run it while plugged in with the battery removed?

Have you checked the power settings to see if anything odd appears?

I have seen cases where simply removing the battery, rebooting, then reinserting the battery clears up a power problem.

At 3.5 years the battery can get weird. Can you reveal, find out and share what the battery health looks like?

Nod to batterybar. The free one.

How long does it runs without power? Shuting Down after plug-in is a abnormal behavior.
I think your settings do the trick. At which point it you tried to plug in? Normally when the battery level reachs to 10% laptop normall tries to hibernate. In your case it has been set to shutdown the laptop. You can verify in settings. See this post. http://www.thewindowsclub.com/change-critical-low-level-battery-action-windows-8-7

Good luck.!

This may be due to replacement AC adapter's low wattage. My original adapter that comes with my Lenovo G405s laptop has damaged (3 years usage) so I purchased a new replacement AC adapter without reading the specifications. After months of using new replacement adapter, I found out that it uses only up to 90W compared to the previous original adapter that comes with the laptop (112.99W).

I usually works with video editing using laptop and it shuts down automatically when using ac adapter even if I'm start using it in just few minutes ago (~3 minutes). The adapter brick didn't even getting hot at this time. This is because CPU-intensive tasks such as video editing and playing games with higher graphics requires more power wattage but the lower wattage replacement AC adapter are unable to accomodate it that the laptop shuts down automatically to prevent hardware damage due to inadequate wattage provided by the replacement adapter. But I can use the laptop for video editing and it works fine without any unexpected shutdowns if using battery power(using from 100% full charge until very low battery). That's why gaming laptops (for example MSI) comes with a bigger adapter brick with higher wattage (~180W).

So, my solutions are :

  1. Get a new AC adapter with 100W wattage or higher (the one that similar with original adapter that comes with your laptop are recommended)

  2. When using low wattage replacement AC adapter, you must stop doing any CPU-intensive tasks by doing light tasks or put laptop to sleep or shutting it down.

I used the 2nd solution. Whenever I need to recharge battery with replacement AC adapter, I stopped using the laptop and doing other tasks (cleaning the house / browsing facebook with my phone) while waiting for the laptop battery fully charged. Then, I unplugged the adapter and continue using the laptop again.

May be You should not let the laptop battery low and then recharge, It is easy for a laptop battery broken

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