Everytime I connect my 1920x1080p monitor to my pc I always get a blurry display, the colors are washed out and look fake, I've tried different cables (DVI and HDMI) but I get the same results. When I look at my 1080p monitor It doesn't feel like it's a full HD monitor, it isn't clear and it's fuzzy...in other words it is farrrr away from HD, hell even my 14 inch laptop screen which has a resolution of 1366x768 looks wayy better.

I've even tried with an another monitor which has a resolution of 1680x1050 and it's exaclty the same problem even with different cables, it's not crystal clear as it's supposed to be, yet I made sure that my gpu (rx 580) driver is update and as a last resort I even tried to connect my monitors to my laptop (wich has intel hd 620 that can support resolutions up to 4096x2304) but I still get the same results.

Any idea of what's going on?

What's changed since it worked?

Also it appears you have changed monitors and cables but not the PC. Do other PCs work fine? (Mine is fine here.)

You also didn't reveal how you setup the second monitor. Once in a while a new PC user with a 1366x768 laptop display will MIRROR the setup and it will look awful since you are sending a non-native resolution to the other monitors. DO NOT MIRROR. Extend.

You didn't say what kind of monitor this is. Some of them have drivers as well -- will look like this if the device manager shows as "generic monitor".