Someone just gave me a dell insperation 7500 and said that the screen did not light up.
I pulged it in and the first time all I seen was like a color bar test pattern.(vet and hor.lines),Turned it on and off a few times and Once I did see "WINDOWS" go scrolling across the screen. then the screen ,but that was it.I just turned it on again to boot up, I could hear the hard drive spinning,also hear like a clicking noise about 4-5 times and then the screen will blink as it were changing screens,then VER. bar lines.
Cant see any kind of "print of pictures"
In the left side it has a 3 com megahertz 10/100 lan card bus, and I opened up the bottom slots and it has a vga card,and .looks like 1 stick of memory. I did not get any cd's with it. But I do have cd's. (xp professinol) and other.
Could use some help on this one.
oh when I boot it up and keep pressing F8, it will just get a Blank white screen with No bars,but still no text,pictures.
Tks guys.

If your hard drive is clicking it is on its way out or it has already left the building. It sounds like you might have a problem with your video card to you can test your video card by plugging it into an external monitor.