My Moms Computer is old, but it has been upgraded a couple times already.....and the hard drive needs to be upgraded soon as you can see below.

So what i have is a Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 PC, with a 8.06 GB Hardrive, with a ASUS motherboard. 66 Mega hertz bus clock and 256 RAM. 400 Megahertz Intel Celeron with 32 kb primary memeroy cache and 128kb secondary cache. it also has 384mb of RAM.

I want to replace the harddrive rather then add another one.... I was thinking 40 GB as she doesn't need much more then that.

What im asking is that i need to find a way to replace the hard drive easily.

I will also need a How-to guide.

Help would be great thnaks!!!!

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The top instructions said that it is very easy to replace a hard drive you can just pull it out and put a new one in and the BIOS will recognize it. Then your operating system will show it the new drive.

But isn't the operating system installed on the hard drive? So how can you run windows on it yet you have to install it.

Lastly, dont you have to format it???

Yes, you are correct....everything that runs on your mums computer is stored on that Hdd that you want to replace, including the O/S itself.
This means ofcourse if you change the Hdd, you will have to load all your programs back on to the new Hdd (time consuming and lots of rumaging through cupboards for the old install discs if you dont have a backup or a restoration CD handy)
If more hard disk space is your goal, why not just add(not replace) a new Hdd configured as a 'slave' on the same IDE channel (primary) as the current one!
This will allow you to utilise 2 Hdd's and save you loads of work also allowing you more space ( 48gigs is better than 40)

Formatting a Hdd means to erase all programs and data on the drive so that you can 'start again' and clean install the O/S.
This does not apply to your situation as you will be either 'adding to' or 'replacing' the Hdd.
I think what you were probably asking earlier is that with windows XP, you can format your Hdd as part of the windows installation process!

Hope you can make sense of my ramblings and if your not sure, ask before you proceed!!!


The office of information technology (help desk) is great reading for all those that would like to know more on this topic. Here is the link most pertinent to this thread, however, navigate your way around and read, read and then read some more..

Confronted with a similar situation to yours on my older system not so long back, I kept the old drive as the master(c:drive, or local disk c:) and added a new 80g as a slave on my primary IDE channel.
My Operating system, program directory etc I have kept on c:, while i keep all my important doc's (ie music,video's, software, photo's of the kids etc) on d: .....that way if things were to go wrong, (touch wood) i can simply format c: and do a clean install of my OS, all the while keeping the good stuff safely tucked away on d:!!

Alright Thanks.....

When I add a second harddrive.... I have to change the jumper settings on the back to slave....then on the ATA cable I use the middle one (slave) right????

And can i buy a harddrive formatted????? and if i did buy a formatted one... do i have to partition it????

lastly, do you have your My Documents all on your d: drive????

How do you change that if you do????

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