ok guys im kinda new here and am not really tht good computer wise as in like the innards but i have this very big problem ive had a dell demision desktop 4600 since 2003 i really do like my computer and rarely have problems with it also i havent really added anthing to it physically like cd drives or anything. ok my problem is a few days ago after i shut down my computer i had to hit the power button a few times to turn it on didnt think anything of it a kept on then the next time i shut it down the same thing happend except it took awhile of pressing the button to turn it on so still not really paying attention i kept on but also decide to the next time i shut it down and it didnt start to cheak all the plugs and all were good but i got it on after waiting awhile and then turned it on everything ran normal and great but the last time i shut it off it refused to turn its my fifth day of it not work and its really starting to annoy me i slid off the cover and cheaked the inside all the plugs seemed fine nothing out of order and the light on the mother bored (the tiny green light) was still on and the montier is on like the yellow mode where its still on and pluged in but the computers off anyone have any idea what the problem is i have no idea but a friend mentioned the power supply what do u guys think
much thanks
[side note: i normally keep my computer on 24/7 more or less at night or when not in use i just hit the moniters power and let the computer go into sleep or standby mode if this makes any difference also i already tried tech support long story didnt help much]

It could be a bad power supply, bad power switch, or a number of other things. Try running throught the steps in the My PC Won't Start sticky at the top of this forum if you have not do so already. This will help narrow down the possible cause. Post back if you still have problems.

yeah tht thread didnt really help thanks thought well a friend said its probally the power supply because i rarely shut it down and it doesnt do anything when i press the button i dont think its the power button because i havent had any problems and tested it on a diff computer to see if that was the problem and it worked fine but im not sure its the power supply because of off the motherboard light is on or is it always like that

I believe all the light indicates is the board is receiving the 2.5v standby voltage that allows the RAM to maintain data while the computer is in standby mode. This is not a true indication thea the power supply is providing the proper voltages to the motherboard. The only way to check for sure is to replace the power supply, try your power supply in another computer, or test your power supply with a power supply tester.

ok yea ill go try tht thanks for the help ill report back with the outcome