I have a similar problem to the person whose "kids did it"...

My wee fella's only 5 but somehow after he got up early and tried shutting down the PC with the "on" button... found a message asking if I wanted to continue shutting down because other people were logged on etc... (Nothing wierd right?)

But the screen was frozen so tried restarting holding down the on button.

When booting up I got the "start windows from last good setting/Safe mode/etc" options screen.

Tried the last good settings but just as windows was starting (when normally the mouse cursor would pop up)the computer restarted and we were back to the boot options screen. This happens with every option even safe mode.

I have loads of work on this drive and dont want to lose any data so please help!

You folks always seem to know what you're on about!

Go raibh mile maith agat!

PS no blue screen of death like the other people wit similar problems.
PPS Running XP SP1 on Compaq desktop (a bit elderly)

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Ah... Ahem, Sorry....

Just read ncgators post and it sorted me out!

Thanks a million Daniweb.

Just being there is enough!

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