We bought a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 1000 a few months ago. It is working fine for my son but not for me. When he logs onto his account, the light on the receiver is on and he has no problems. But as soon as I log on, the light goes out. After typing for a while a message comes up saying the signal is low.

I have read the help sections, moved the receiver, re connected them to each other (pressing connect buttons underneath)changed the batteries on the keyboard, uninstalled and reinstalled it, and swore at it. But nothing is working.

Anyone have any ideas? It would be greatly appreciated.

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It was definitely reinstalled when I was logged in, not my son. The shortcuts come up on both the users.

I am thinking it is a fault. It sometimes is skipping letters for me, and sometimes the mouse freezes. I have pulled out my hair over this, and I have come up empty. I think it is time I talk to the shop.

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