Ok this is a fishy problem. I uninstalled my old video card that came with the computer sometime ago. I also was playing a game called The Movies and it ran fine. I then slighty updated to a newer card, GeForce FX 5200.

Ever since I switched to this card, whiched moved to the PCI slot, the Intel Graphics Controller on my PC hasnt worked. I disabled it to get rid of the message that always poped up at startup. but now I noticed my games including The Movies run slower. The other games run fine and I can play them but The Movies took a hit and is almost unplayable due to incredibly bad framerate issues.

did I do something wrong? Should I uninstall the INtel Graphics Controller or keep it disabled? Under display adaptors in computer management it has a red X through it indicating its diabled but when i enable it it has a yellow ! on it and says it cannot start. I dont understand why I have the intel controller and my video card. Please can someone explain all of this to me and help me get this figured out. Thanks.

If you're going to run a seperate graphics card and not your onboard solution you should disable the Intel onboard solution in the bios. Then you won't even see the device listed in the device manager at all.