my P4 (3 GHz ) cpu is overheating seriously !
it reached 100'C today.. and is (acording to the bios) @ about 72'C at startup...

ive got an intel 915GAV Motherboard and the standard cpu fan & heatsink...
ive also got about 3 other chassis fans.
the motherboard sensors read about 33'C

could it be the cpu fan (it is spinning) ,or the sensor.

i put on some new thermal paste earlier today... it helped a bit ( lowered the temp from 100'C to 80'C)


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woa! if that is true stop using it immediatly! the thermal threshold of that processor is 69*. Are you sure that is celcius it is reading in? If it is, make sure your fan is spinning up to speed and make sure you are not using too much thermal paste. Less is better. Also, make sure your heatsink is seated firmly onto your processor. Lastly, change your bios settings of your motherboard so that your computer shuts off it reaches 70*C.

thanx.. i removed some of the excess thermal paste.. now least it runs at 48 - 52'C.. well thats what my bios reads.. the niether processor nor the MB shows any sign of heat damage on the exterior... so i still dont know if the sensor might be wrong..
afterall. it is the same sensor that read 100'C earlier...

That sounds much more acceptable. I have the 3.2 ghz version and it runs around the same temps at idle. (46-52*C).

Remember that with thermal paste, just a paper thin layer is required, any more will prohibit heat transfering to the heatsink from the processor. Also, your temps will probably start to drop with in the next few weeks as the thermal paste takes a little time to fully cure, so it seems like you will be alright now.

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