my computer's been acting weird lately. whenever i try to turn it on by the power button it won't turn on. After i hold the power button for about 9 seconds, i press it again and it will turn on. but as soon as i get it on.. it turns off automatically after a minute or so. \

it's weird because the power goes out but the light stays on in my mouse and keyboard. so in order to restart this. i turn off the main switch (located in the back of my computer) and turn it back on in a minute. as soon as i do that.. i have to restart the process.

after about 20 tries, i guess the computer gives in and it stays on. what's wrong with my computer!? can anyone help?

i've read many, many post but no one has a problem like mine. :sad:

thanks a lot ! :)

Search first! Forum or Google, you'll find this exact question any number of times.

Nothing is wrong with your PC, this is the standard, out of the factory behaviour.

It's called Hibernate. When you hold the power button down then press it again, you are actually turning the computer fully off then on again. Similarly, when your screen goes blank after a few minutes, it is your PC cutting the video output to save power.

You can turn hibernation off from Control Panel > Power Options.


wen i try to restart my computer in start menu it wont restart
some programs will exit but it doesnt restart it jsut stays at my desktop
can someone help me plz

Hi im a newbie and my computer wont work... i usually leave it on 24/7 but this past week it's been turning off by it's self but once it turned off and when i try to turn it back on it stays loading for ever it doesnt even reech the point where i have to type my password can anyone help? It stays here..
It stays in a similar or probably exactly the same screen it's the first time i use this i really hope you guys can help.
also it might be the same thing but V

I was having a problem where my Windows XP SP3 installation would freeze at the Windows XP loading bar/logo screen on boot. It would just stop dead for me to press the restart button on my machine and when it booted it went into the Safe Mode etc screen so I had to press Enter to start Windows normally. Im horrible with computers iknow nothing about them so i hope you guys can help

yesterday i wanted to paint my room so ...
i moved my computer .
today when i put it back i tried to turn it on but it wasnt turned on and i want a solution fast plzzz..!!!!

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