My Son decided to take it upon himself to add software to his computer. It prompted him to reboot, which he did. When the system came back up, it is now a black screen with options such as :
safe mode
safe mode with command prompt
safe mode with networking

and a few others..but regardless of which one I chose it cones back to the same black screen, It wont even do anything if I choose go back to the last time windows performed correctly.. If anyone can help me please do as Im down from 4 computers to 2 with 3 kids and they are beginning to invade MINE!!!. Id be happy to even call you at my expense if you could walk me through a solution.

Thank you

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This has nothing to do with C or C++. Try posting in the Windows help forum. You'll probably get better answers than we could provide.

i had that exact problem last week, in the end we had to backup my files using DOS then reformat the computer

try going in to safemode if works go to control panel on you taskbar and the go to setting and then click add and remove and look for the program that causing the problem and then click change/remove then click restart sure fix problem, if this doesn't work then you need to edited your configuration.

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