Have installed a new second HD but am unable to make it the master.

Have copied old drive (C) to the new drive (I named G).

Recommended jumper settings don't seem to work. Have tried cable select option as well.

Old drive is Location (0) New drive in Location (1)

Should I change location? And if so How?

Do I need to make some changes when booting (F2) to the Primary or Secondary Devices?

Should I rename the drives? If so How?

That's all I can think of.

OS is XP Home Edition

Thanks in advance

Mike G

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i guees you are talking about IDE drives, to change locations of drives, just change the connectors, i mean plug the new drive to the old one's connector, of course set drives jumpers "cable select". does the new drive have windows installed? How did you copied the old drive on new one?


I copied my old drive info to the new one with Norton Ghost. I finally got the second drive up and configured to be the master after installing/formatting using XP.

Now I'm trying to re-copy the old drive to the new one.

My goal is to replace the old drive before it fails, but use it as a secondary/backup/mirror(?) in the mean time.

I thought Ghost would accomplish this.

Do I need RAID software or other hardware?



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