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I don't know whats wrong I took the cmos battery out and then replaced it to rest the bios and now everytime i switch the pc on I get nothing on the monitor and I get one long beep and two short beeps which indicates there is a problem with the vga but when i change the card with a work card it still keeps on beeping the orginal card is an on board one and the new one is a pci one but it doesn't resovle the problem. I've tried taking the cmos out again and taking the power off completely but still the same problem.

The machine that i have is a ibm netvista it's a got a rev:1.4 ibm motherboard it s a 2.6 p4 256 ddr ram 60g hd I 've tried looking for motherboard manual of the net but can't find on to see if the jumper settings need to be changed or something it's causing me reall problems please help me

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I.ve tried that and I also tried taking everything out and it still doesn't work it keeps beeping as if there is a problem with the vga i tried even flashing the bios but it still shows nothing up on the screen so i don't know what it's doing

what else can i do ??????????????????????????????????????/

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