Here's the skinny: My laptop is a Toshiba brand that runs Windows XP Home Edition

a week or two ago it started seemingly overheating and shutting itself down...even more recently its switched to randomly shutting down and rebooting, and even worse, randomly going to white screens. Now it just keeps rebooting at the start up screen or going to a frozen white screen (in which it like bursts into a full white from the center spreading out till it's all white). Once every blue moon itll actually go to desktop and i can do something for about max of an hour then it turns off and starts over again. Here's what sucks worse, i got the chance to system restore and all that...and it appeared to be fine, then boom in the middle of me setting up everything the way i like it it goes to w hite screen, great....

so pretty much i reformatted erasing all my digital art for nothing...

any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

Are you sure your fans are operating. It would never hurt to buy a can of compressed gas and go and clean out the fans. Also, if you have some confidence, I would recommend opening up the bottom and doing the same to some of the other parts.


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