Okay, I know that this is probably a terribly stupid question for those who know better, but I've never really followed AMD until the last year or two and it suddenly hit me that I didn't know what generation they introduced their first dual socket MBs? Was is the Socket 7 or the Socket A? Judging from what a brief internet search shows, it seems like the Socket A was first--I can't find anything about a Socket 7 dualie, which would indicate that it probably doesn't exist--but I figured that maybe the used a different socket instead (eg- Xeon's) if AMD made a dualie back then.

Anyway, just curious. I appreciate any information!!!

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Socket A was the last socket for a dual socket MB, socket 754 introduced the 64bit series of processors. 939 intorduced their dual core X2 series. You won't find anything about a dual socket that's in the consumer division anymore, the dual core took care of that. However, there is a dual socket opteron board out there for server solutions, that run 2 dual core opterons for a total of 4 processors. However, the board is designed to run in a server natively, not good for the average person who isn't running a server.


Ah, thank you. I had a feeling that that was the case, but its nice to have it verified.

Much appreciated!

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