Hi guys
I just fried my processor a couple nights ago (nice burn marks on it too) it took the motherboard with it. Now I've replaced my mother board and processor and my computer still won't post.
I've gone through the trial and error of trying my internal video instead of my agp video card and switching out my 2 ram chips.

My last idea is that it could be my power source. But it seems to be still working and powering all my fans and cd/hd.
Even with it sending power to my fans ect could it still be the cause of my computer not booting even to post.

p.s. the power source is a bit old (2-3yrs I think) and I had to use a 20->24 pin adapter on it for it to work with the new mother board.


For all good testing purposes, I strongly advise an out-case transplant. To the not so knowings, this is when you take everything required for a booting computer [motherboard, processor, PSU, RAM sticks, video card (if none onboard)].

See if the thing decides to turn on when it's not backed on the case's metal, or anything else that could be shorting. Try this with one RAM stick at a time, AGP card or no AGP card, with or without hard drive, etc.

The power source is sounding very suspect. It's certainly old enough to be, at least.

Try that out, see if you get better results, it's not a major cause of these hardware failures, but as a solution it's surprised a lot of folk.

thanks I'll try that