Hi guys
I have a terrible problem with my 'old' Toshiba Tecra 8100 laptop. It had been working properly for years then when I installed new VGA driver its showed an incredible display but within two days or so it never booted again, this was after I held it on hand palm and opened its lid in the normal way.

I just don't know what the poroblem might be but I am suspecting BIOS error since it gives 30 beeps when its display panel is closed.

It doesn't show any thing on the screen on normal boot and its fan also doesn't function but when power button is pressed while F12 key is pressed, it shows a message on the screen that reads "Ready for BIOS update.press any key to continue when ready".My question is how can this message appear on the screen if its video adapter has failed?.Please advice me on what I ca do.I am in a total hell oa a mess.:sad: I hope to be :) soon.

Thankx in advance

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Since no one else has answered....

Just seeing if it is possible to get any pointers, does the BIOS screen show system time at all?

I'm just wondering if the CMOS battery had died.

Thinking of a few desktops I repaired several years ago when after every power up following a period of more than a few hours shutdown all the BIOS setting were lost. Replacing the battery fixed those.

Just musing to see if it's any help....

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