It'll read a couple, like Roller Coaster Tycoon, or The Sims, but if I try to make custom made ones, it'll be like "No Disc Found" or sometimes it'll find it, but when I try to burn it'll get an error right at the end, and the disc is now a dud, anyone help?

What kind of drive is it (brand, model, etc) and is it your only one? Has it always been doing that or just lately? What burn software are you running?

The one that came with the computer (Brand model?) and it's the only one, there is another slot, but I didn't put anything in it, plus, I keep trying to get help from Compaq (my computer manufactuar) and they've been pretty helpful in the past, and have been so far with this fix, but i haven't been getting anywhere, and ive deleted services and deleted registry files that they said "should" come back when i restart the computer, so far they have but im having errors with the registry and he's making it hard to understand!

Have you tried removing all burning software except your favorite (Nero 7 Ultra works best for me) and making sure it's completely up to date? Also I would suggest downloading the newest driver for your burner and putting it in a temp folder (if you are not sure of the brand/model of the burner go to your Device Manager and check under CD/DVD ROM Drives). After you have downloaded the newest driver from the manufacturers web site, uninstall the driver it currently has, re-boot your machine and when Windows starts detecting your burner, don't let it automatically install the driver, instead, direct it to the new one you have hidden in the temp folder and see how that works.

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