Hello everyone

I need to pick some brains,

I have a Toshiba Satellite 2400-103 laptop which I purchased approx 3 years ago.

Everything with the laptop has been fine until last week.

I was using my laptop in my office, packed it away and took it home.

When I started the laptop at home, initially everything was fine until I recieved a blue screen, unfortunately the screen was shown for a second (so was unable to read it) then the laptop switched off.

I managed to reboot the laptop and put it into safe mode, incase of a virus etc. and decided to run a virus check, within seconds of the virus check starting the laptop had switched itself off.

Now I am unable to start it at all.:eek:

The power mains light is present and so is the battery light,
the power on light also appears when switched on.
The drive lights for A and CD ROM flick once when the laptop is started, then nothing.
The hard drive light stays unlit.

I have tried rebooting using a rescue disk floppy and the original windows CD but the drives apear dead other than the drives light flicks once on start up.

So there appears to be power but not a lot else.

Can you suggest anything that I can try to get the laptop back and working?.

Many Thanks

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Defective hard drive. Replace. I recommend the Seagate Momentus or the Western Digital Scorpio. Lots of places, such as www.zipzoomfly.com, www.directron.com, www.newegg.com, www.tigerdirect.com have them. The seagates have a five year warranty.
You can buy an adapter for $5.00 at www.geeks.com that will allow you to possibly save the data to a destop hard drive. There are other transfer tools that might work, but they cost $80 bucks.
You got good life out of that drive. It is proabably a Toshiba hard drive, one of the best, but nothing lasts forever except for a bad marriage.

Sorry to bring up this ancient thread, but I've got a similar problem.

Two green leds light up when the laptop is charging. When I try to turn it on (without the charger) only one LED turns on.

There is no response from the LCD screen. I've tried an external monitor as well. There's nothing there either, which *probably* means there's nothing wrong with the laptop LCD screen. The DVD drive light flashes for just a second. The HDD light stays off. There is no customary beep from the system while booting up (Do laptops also beep?).

As you have probably guessed, this isn't my laptop, I'm rather new to the whole laptop thing. My brother's moved on to a newer laptop and I can use this if I can get it working :P

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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