Upon installing a new graphics card into my hp pavilion a330n, my computer died. At first it wouldn't boot correctly, sometimes. Lights would come on, fan would come on, but black screen nothing would work. other times everything was fine, just rather laggy but would tend to 'time out' and do the black screen thing randomly, if left on for any amount of time. Now I can't even get the thing to boot to any degree. I've read elsewhere that it is because of a bios update (3.12 I think) which needs to be set back to the old 3.07. How can I do that if the computer is dead? I would be willing to replace the Mobo, but the a7n8x-la is elusive. Any other model it could be replaced with? Any suggestions on this case? Grazi

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Did you try plugging back the old VGA? Or no VGA at all?
Changes like that clear CMOS and resets the bios records for hardware. Can help sometimes.

Might happen that your windows will refuse to work if you change too much of the hardware. Part of anti-piracy protection. I call it anti-customer protection.

If your BIOS is corrupted, you can make w98 boot floppy with flashing program and BIOS that you need, and command lines can be set in autoexec.bat. The floppy controller part of the BIOS is one part that is more-or less universal, and if that part is not screwed up, you can flash the BIOS by booting it from the floppy. You won't see anything on monitor, or hear the HD, just floppy. That is, if it is corrupt BIOS that you have there.

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