I have a Full Tower case, and my system is already built with a Core 2 Duo E6600. I had ordered another E6600 for a client who backed out, and now I'm stuck with the bill.

Instead of building another system with the leftover CPU, I am thinking about using it in my existing system IF I can find a dual-processor motherboard which supports Core 2 Duo processors.

I have looked all over, and most of the mobos are for Xeon CPU's. Please let me know if you are aware of a motherboard which fits the bill.

Thank you

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Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, but I am looking for a motherboard which support Two Core2Duo processors.

Thanks again


Sorry, I thought you were looking for another mobo. My bad.

I've looked around, and (like you said) no dual processor mobos for Core2duo. As I was browsing the net, I remembered a news flash from some time ago. During the PIII era, there I read somewhere that Intel finally released PIII processor that is capable of working in parallel with another CPU(s). Until then the CPUs were deliberately unable to work in multi-processor surroundings. That way Intel ensured it's position in the market as the pace maker. Otherwise, mobo manufacturers would start making dual, triple, quad... CPU mobos and there will no longer be a need for Intel to make bigger-faster-better-CPUs (and sell them, off course).

I wouldn't be too surprised if the history repeated it self here and now with Core2duo processors, however contradictory it may sound.

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