Having major problems,

Tried to do a quick restore on my hp ze4547wm and now it will not reboot and says no operating system can be found. I get a black screen that says it tries to reboot and then a message "PXE-E61- Media text faliure, check cable" shows up and it goes directly to Operating system not found. I already tried going through HP's reboot process but it won't even run the disk. I know the disk is spinning and the light comes on but it won't run it. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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There is a quick way out. All you need is to boot your laptop with Windows setup CD and choose recovery console.

You will be prompted 2 things:
- Windows installation to log on to
- Administrator password

After you log on, type "FIXBOOT C:" command. That is if your Windows are installed on C drive.
Type "exit" and reboot as usual.

If this doesn't help you, try "FIXMBR" instead. (same procedure above, except "FIXBOOT C:" part)

If that fails too, you will need to reinstall Windows.

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