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Can you give more details?do the lights come on and go off when you let go?

Can you hear fans etc?

Does it turn itself off or do you have to hold it down again?

Please include the manufacturer and model number of your armada as I've never heard of them before.Also if you have a link to their website it would help


ok its a compaq armada m700, i press the power button and then the lights come on, then blink then turn off, no fans, beeps or anathing, i dont think compaq has a web site for them anamore... any assistance you can offer would be appreciated


Just a quick clarification before I run to work- does this happen with the ac adaptor in as well as the battery?Are you sure that
a)you're battery is still working
b)you're ac adaptor is working?

It sounds simple but is very common that a battery has been dead for years and people don't realise because it's always plugged in and then the ac gives up the ghost


both when the bat is in and ac adapt is plugged ,the bat and ac adapter still work, i tried them on another machine, i think it might be something internal, do you know much 'bout laptops?

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