Hi Guys,

I would like to know if I can use to different processors on a dual processor motherboard? Can I install a celeron and a pentium at the same time ? What about same processor but with different clock speed? For example a pentium running at 2.4 GHz and another runnning at 2.6 GHz ?



This information came from a friend from another site. It's clearer than the explanation I was going for. Hope it helps, and thank you Karlsweldt.

It can be done, if the mobo has separate VRs for each socket. But the FSB cannot be changed between each CPU separately. They both run at the same speed. A faster CPU would throttle back to the set speed, but a slower CPU would stumble all over itself at higher speeds.
But more depends on the "match". The cache levels have to be identical, as well as the type of architecture. Mixing different breeds of CPU will result in a no-go setup. Examples: MMX/non-MMX, SX/DX types, Prescott/Northwood, Athlon/Duron. Even with the older Socket 7 types, mixing the VIA/AMD/Intel CPUs of similar ratings would result in failure. Same with the Socket 370 types. The best setup would be the matched-pair type.
Equate a dual-CPU setup to a two-horse carriage. The two horses must be of equal nature, or you go only where one wants to!