I have a powermac dual g5. After a year of working nearly flawless it crashed. I tried to boot it but got the grey screen with the spinning gears. I've been a life long Windows user and this was my first mac. The warranty had just ran out and I paniced anc called Apple's tech support who walked me thru reseting PRAM, NVRam, Motherboard reset button. Finally the tech told me to just wipe the drive and install the OS new, since we agreed that the hard drive was corrupted. To make a long story short that did not work. What I did was purchase another HD, swapped memory, swapped video cards, reinstalled os (tiger). Everytime I try to install the whole bundle, the compter screen goes near-dark and a box appears telling me to reset the computer by holding down the power button for 4 seconds. I thought the 2nd OS disk might be corrupt so I installed just the barebones OS with no extras which are only on the 1st of 2 discs that came with the computer. I got that up and working and then tried to install the whole Adobe Creative Suite CS2 (6 dics). Again, during the 2nd or third disc, the computer crashed in the same manner. I am clueless as to what could be the problem since I am a newbie but my intuition tells leads me to think it is a hardware problem. Could it be the superdrive or something more serious?

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I took the G5 to my local Compusa. They corrected the problem by removing bad Ram. I also found out that my never opened installation disks from Apple was corrupt.

Thank you experts for the 30 or so views but no (zero) help.

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