Does anyone know about Quikertek PB connect or Quiky USB or similar products and have you used them yourself or seen them being used? Does anybody know which product is better the PB connect or the Quicky USB?

The products claim to just clamp onto or go next to the powerbook, ibook, or mac mini and raise the wireless signal from 50 to 200 milliwatts or 50 to 500 milliwatts they claim to double or triple the range.

I work in some pretty remote parks and historic sites and alot of times I can't run ethernet lines fo' all the outbuildings in my facilitiess and I can't install a bunch of routers or wireless equipment to all the out building/structures.

Any Opinions, INfo, or Experiences would be helpful?


FYI I'm getting the quicky and I'm extending a apple base with and apple airport express.

I solved it.. external antennas, modding wifiuseb dongles and buying a transceiver they quicky

Quicky works great ...solved my own problem

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