I have a 2 usb port card with a logitech optical mouse. when i boot, the computer won't recognize the mouse. I do a warm reboot (reset button) and it is found every time. I know the card is good because it sees the laser printer I have in the other port. ( this started before I plugged in the printer). I have tried the mouse in the other port with the same results.

WHat can I do to get the computer to recognize the mouse on the first boot and not the second? It is the same whether I hybernate or do a full start up.

If I boot and just let it sit for XP to recognize the mouse on the usb, it won't. I have to reboot and there it is.
It's just very annoying!

Your mouse problem is more likely the mouse than the compuer. We find the optical mouse to be absolutely the highest failure item for any computer. A friend who works at Wal-Mart says the optical mouse is their highest return item. I seriously doubt you will be able to fix it. Go back to a PS/2 mouse if you can, and your troubles will be over. Borrow another mouse to be sure. If you use a non-optical mouse and it works, and other equipment works on the USB port, then you know it is time to toss it.