Hi. I had my Radeon X800 Gto for a month and since i bought it, i noticed it kept getting hotter and hotter as the weeks went by. The last temps i recorded when it was working properly was 55C idle, ~100C load.

I bought an after market cooler for it, but it was a bust, my system wouldnt even start. After i reinstalled my stock hsf, temps would go up,up,up under load until my comp automatically shuts off from the heat.

So is my gpu done for, or is there something Im missing?

I need some suggestions, I am thinking about buying another x800 gto, but i dont know if the same thing will happen (even if i dont fiddle with the stock hsf). Has this ever happened to anyone here?

It sounds as if your graphics card could be toast, but it may still be under warranty; check to make sure. You could also check to make sure your power supply fans or any other fans for your computer are in working order.

If you can't get the graphics card replaced, I would recommend the NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200/5300:

Thanks for the advice. But somthing new came up. The gto all of a sudden works on the old board it was installed in, but doesnt on this one i want it on. im pretty sure its not the psu or the board difference cz it used to freak out on the old board too, and as i mentioned above, its all of a sudden working on the old board. Can it possibly be the computer case?

Im totally lost now, any additional help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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