I am using Win XP home edition and I have been having strange problem with either my keyboard or mouse. The problem is that my start menu keeps popping up every second. I tried switching different keyboard and mouse but the problem remained same. But I did figure out one thing that if I have just either one device unplugged, the start menu does not pop up. But as soon as I connect both devices it goes crazy again.

Can someone tell me where might the problem be? I looked up on internet but could not find anything that could help me and finally I am seeking help here. Any suggestion would be appreciated.



There might be several reasons to that:

1) Bad windows install, then you will need to reinstall your windows while noth kb and mouse are plugged in.
2) IRQ address problems: the 2 devices interfere with each other - then you might wanna check your bios.
3)Faulty Motherboard 0 then you ight wanna get a new one!

But try reinstalling windows first and report.