Hi guys

I'm trying to install windows xp on my toshiba tecra 8100. I have an external floppy drive which I've connected. I rebooted the laptop, and pressed 'a'.

It read the floppy, and I created a brand new partiton using fdisk. That was fine. Then it asked me to reboot, I did, but I also placed the windows CD into the ROM drive.


It didn't boot up through the CD drive, even though I pressed C......And now I can't even use fdisk again, because, it won;t boot up through the a drive.
All it says is:

"Missing Operating System"............nothing happens. All I can do is keep rebooting the computer. It won'y boot up throught the floppy or CD.

And pressing F2 doesn't work either.......nor does F12, nor pressing the ESCAPE key.......

Any ideas please...............



Try F8 make sure it is a bootable CD man let us no more details.

also, try Delete. Sometimes that allows you access to the BIOS.

interesting i have that exact laptop, i have never had that problem, but i have encountered frequent freeze ups and just today it automatically shut down and wouldnt turn on, i think it overheated. It is now working again. Good little laptop for web surfing.

Good luck with fixing it

Hey Sammyboy, whats up. I dont know what these other people are talking about, but I have your same problem, in that the Tecra 8100 is not recognizing any boot CD even if you "press C" in the choose boot order menu when you click F2 and even if you set the boot order in bios to boot from the CD, it still doesnt work.

I have the Ubuntu Linux operating system installed on it. But now I have to install XP on it because Linux doesnt deal with my wireless card. It does but the "fix" is too complicated and the help doesnt really cator to people who didnt grow up on linux. So now I have to leave the revolutionary "movement" of alternatives and free software because its academic nerds dont speak to the People and revert back to a state "lumpen proletariatism" by stealing all the microsoft software again in revolt. :evil:

Anyways because of the same problem your having with the Tecra I can't install XP.

If you already solved the problem please post it up here.