I just got this mouse today, along with a matching keyboard (the "Microsoft Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard 1.0A", which is working perfectly). My problem is with the middle mouse button/wheel. It scrolls fine when I roll the wheel manually, vertically and horizontally, but clicking the wheel button itself doesn't always work. For instance, I use FireFox, and I normally use the middle button to open a link in a new tab. With this new mouse, it's nearly impossible to do this. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. It's the same with the AutoScroll function on web pages/documents. Sometimes the little scroll symbol appears and I can use the function, most times it doesn't.

I have installed the latest version of Microsoft IntelliPoint (version 6.1 as of the date of this post). I've checked and double-checked the options to make sure that I've assigned the correct function to the wheel (if I hadn't, I wouldn't be having any success). I tried both the "AutoScroll" and the "Middle-click" options, both suffer the same problem.

The batteries are brand new (as is the mouse/keyboard), and the wireless signal is perfect with both devices.

This is the only problem I seem to be having so far.

Any ideas would be swell.

Cheers :D

EDIT: Almost forgot...well, I DID forget - I'm using Windows XP Professional SP2 with all of the latest updates :p

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