I am facing very weird kind of problem. I have a IBM thinkpad R52 laptop. It's configuration is pantium M 1.73GHz, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB hard disk.
I have installed windows xp and fedora core 4 linux. My problem is that I want to reinstall windows xp but my laptop would not boot with xp cd. It is booting with linux cd. I have checked my xp cd and is working fine. When I try to boot from xp cd, it shows the message "checking your hardware configuration" and then screen becomes blank and cd rom goes down.
My another problem is that in the same laptop xp is running very slow.
I deleted it's partition table and then i was able to boot with xp cd. I reinstalled xp 2 times with this procedure. xp worked fine for few days and it again became slow after every install. I am not facing any such problem with linux.
any help and suggestions are appreciated.
thanx in advance.


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Too complicated for a useful online discussion, perhaps. Windows XP MUST be installed first, on some machines, then the Linux partition added. When this is not the case, the problems you describe can present.
But there are a hundred other reasons for failure, including a bad hard drive, bad memory, or other bad hardware, bad Linux install, and so on.

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