Just about a week ago my machine got as far as the windows xp loading page and the the little blue bar that runs across the screen just stops. I formatted both my hard drives but when windows setup restarts the machine it brings it right back to the xp loading page! i have tried every thing from taking my machine apart to low level formatting and between me and 2 experts that have looked at it were completley stumped! ive even tried a different graphics card incase it was holding the loading page image on it any ideas?

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Are you trying to install your OS on two hdd at the same time?

Rather than formating why don't you use something like Kill Disk or Drive Wipe and start fresh with the installation of the OS.

If you have the CD that came with you hdd you should be able to partition it before you start the installation. I would suggest making a partition of about 15GB to 20GB for you OS and other windows applications and use the remainder for files. This way if you ever have to reinstall the OS you won't loose the rest of you files.

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