Hey guys,

I'm looking to purchase a new computer, and I was wondering what card would be best. My options are these two:

The 768MB nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX
The 256MB nVidia Quadro FX 3450

I'm going to be using this PC primarily for compiling program and schooling but I do want a nice card for gaming. I know the GeForce series is engineered for gaming and the Quadro is for CAD work. But will there be a big difference? The price is about the same. Which would be the best buy for gaming performance?


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if they are both pci express, and you have 2 pci express slots,( check this by using the pc wizard program, free on cpuid.com) Just use both cards( I am not experienced with this. so it might burn up everything.)
The quattro card: Use both cards in sli mode: 2x pci express slots required.
The Geforce: If 2x slots, then use in sli mode to get the best gaming experience ever.

If only one slot, id say go with the 8800gtx!


unfortunately the only option is a firegl or quadro. Dell won't allow a gaming graphics card in a business workstation.



Dimension is the home desktop series. Precision is the business workstation series, which is what I'm getting.


Dell is weird...

What it is, is optiplex and dimension are both considered home and home office, but show up in the small business section as well.

Actually I think only workstation they sell is the precision series. I'm not sure what the big deal is, but my Dell Rep is telling me his hands are tied on this one.


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