So I keep getting this BSOD, it flashs too quicky to get any other info oscreen except this.


But the story goes a little deeper. Yesterday I got a message from ATI control center that said the GPU (Radeon x1600 512, PCI express) had been reset, I shut off my computer for the day. I turn on my compter today and the monitor is set to 800x600 and is at 4-bit color, and no matter what I try to do I cannot change this. Every possible way to adjust the resolution fails.

I reinstall the ATI drivers I had downloaed when I got the card, roughly two months ago. SUCCESS! Oh wait, it works for around ten minutes and a few second after I open a torrent program I get a crash, and the BSOD above.

Restart, windows won't load, goes directly to BSOD. I restart in safe mode, works ok, reloaded the ATI Drivers (I can't seem to download the new ones anyone ever have that prob?). So now with the drivers installed I have the same old problem of 800x600 4-bit color that can' change, cept' now it won't go back to normal like it did before. I have since uninstalled the driver and all ATIO programs and am typing this in 1280x1084 32-bit but if I load the drivers I get a crash.

I had gotten the same BSOD about five months ago but it proved to be a faulty memory chip, the memory now is new. Here are my full stats.

Windows XP SP3
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.01 Ghz
BFG nForces 4 Ultra mobo pci express
1gb Dual channel Ram
Two old drives CD and DVD
120 Gig HDD
on board audio

I'll lay odds that the culprit is in WHERE the video drivers are installed and not necessarily the ver. The registry DOES NOT always provide a path for where they are. The same general prob. was resolved this way. Consult the hardware's *.inf for the file names, then copy them from where they are to $systemfolder$\system32, I haven't had an incident since. Apparently the OS by default looks for them there. You can also check your firewall settings but I don't think it'll help much.

Where do I find the .inf stuff. If its on the disk that came with my card that I'm SOL, it was stolen.

minor error. "video drivers" should read "modem drivers", all else is the same.
For the response, you'll need model and type (verbatim) for the given device. The info you'll need MAY be in "Device Manager" or on the box that it came in. Otherwise you'll have to shut down the machine, unplug it from the wall etc., remove the card and write down every piece of info on it including the FCC ID#. The *.inf file comes with the device drivers, it's readable with Notepad. Use your fav. search engine to find the device's OEM, they'll have the drivers, it's a simple download. If the system was built by someone else, ask them for OEM and model.

What would those numbers look like?

This reply is a little bit over my head. Also the first line doesn't make a lot of sense. Can anyone help me with this still not working.

nearly all hardware devices require a FCC ID#. the format changes but always is proceeded with FCCID, it's almost always printed on the circuit board itself if not an paper sticker.
I don't think you're going to get much out of this forum until you improve your comprehension of the english language, I suggest making use of the nearest dictionary of same.